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The following interesting extract from page 412 of Governor Hunter's  “Historical Journal of Port Jackson” :
The tribe of Oamerra inhabit the north side of Port Jackson; the tribe of Cadi inhabit the south side extending from the South Head to Long Cove, at which place the district of Wanne, and the tribe of Wangal, commences, extending as far as Par-ra-mata or Rose Hill; the tribe Wallumede inhabit the north shore, opposite Warrane or Sydney G
Cove, and are called Walumatta. I have already observed that the space between Rose Hill and Prospect Hill is distinguished by eight different
names, although the distance is only four miles.
Mr. Daniel Waddell, of Singleton, kindly sends us the following:
Timbrebungie.-" Big bend." A large bend in the Macquarie, twenty miles below Dubbo. 
Dubbo.-" White clay or sand." 
Minore.-"All about."
Wollombi.-"Meeting of the waters." A village situated sixteen miles south-west from Maitland, where two streams meet.
Further contribution from "Sydney Cove" :
Potts' Point.-" Oarrajeen."
Lady Macquarie’s Chair.-" Yurong," 
Darling Point.-" Yaranabe." 
Manly Beach.-" Oannae."
Cockatoo Island.-" Warrleubah." 
Goat Island.-" Memel."
Hawkesbury River.-" Deerubbau." The aborigines suffered at times from a disease very like small pox, called by them "Galgala."
Botanic Gardens, Farm Cove.-" Yoolaugh."
Names of some of the aborigines of Sydney in the first days of the colony : " Benelong."
" Barangaroo."-Wife of Benelong. '
* Daringha."-Ditto.
" Dilboong."-Name of native girl living in Sydney. 
" Mangoran."-A chief of Sydney. 
" Ballooderry."-Son of Mangoran.
" Bedla Bedfa." -Chief of Parramatta. 
" Yelloway."-Ditto.
A white man named Wilson was many years ago living with the blacks in the Port Stephens district. He was called by them "Bunboey."

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